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usagi yojimbo: samurai by stan sakai.

i probably liked this one better than the first one, but then, i've already stated my preference for samurai over ronin. plus, this included a humorous appearance by....godzilla?! & oh, for the record, slotting dinosaurs in to replace animals (given the anthropomorphic nature of the world) is just straight up genius: for a second i seriously considered not having any animals but dinosaurs in my dnd game. then i slipperly sloped & said, "well, maybe pleistocene animals," which lead to hyena, so i recanted. i can't say the idea doesn't continue to have draw. so that is a nice, solid bit of genius. also, & i was talking about this with david, i just like it when there is interesting framing of a story- in this case, a tale related over sake, after a duel, as to the whyfore of the duel. i was charmed, & i think it is probably difficult not to be taken in by this; i'll probably have to read a whole bunch of these now. i guess that will be fun!
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