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usagi yojimbo: the ronin by stan sakai.

i'm not entirely sure how i put off reading this for so long. i mean, given all the stars in this constellation-- teenage mutant ninja turtles, samurai, the nature of the style (see also: jeff smith). anyhow, there isn't that much insightful commentary i can lay out for it; i liked it, but i expected to like it. you know? which is its own kind of satisfaction, totally different from being surprised by how much you like something. i'll probably mosey on through the rest of these fairly shortly. the cameo by groo the wanderer was cute, but i'd rather see cerebus. in fact, i'm kind of jonesing for some cerebus, now that you mention it. okay, i just ordered some. look, text is disconnected from time! spooooooky! how halloweeny! so the moral of the story is, pretty much everyone who might care how good usagi yojimbo is already knows how good usagi yojimbo is. i'm the last guy on the train. i'm the caboose. you can sleep in me.
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