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so tonight's promethean game was a departure, & i'm honestly not sure how it went. i wanted to finish up the all-mortal prelude right off, so i decided to cut in media res. see, there are two big establishing arcs in the first part of the story: the first being the existencen of hyde-like creatures (which was made crystal clear last session) & the other...well, the other was really meant to be more of a mystery & a teaser for the phase of the game i've moved to now. see, i ran the tail-end of the last story, which kind of culminated into mike's character (under orders from the angels) shooting bernie's character, bernie killing mike's character (while everyone tried to stop mike from freaking out), & then...well, lets just say a clusterfuck. which was as planned, but still, hard to pull off a suspenseful clusterfuck, & not tread on ill feelings. which didn't really happen, luckily. so phase two we did by semi-random assortment; one card for lineage (& attributes & transmutations) & the other for refinement (& skills & merits). i made half-character sheets for both, & had people select, & here is what came up:

SAM (played by bernie) is the devil & the page of cups.
he's SAM as in, "son of sam." a frankenstein made from the "22 disciples of hell" berkowitz referenced. he's also on the refinement of aurum, as in, he loves people. bernie was a little taken aback, since he really enjoys the control of character creation, but he was willing to play along, & i'm fucking glad he did. his take on the character is basically a scary brooklyn mook who deals with satanism like most people do catholicism. suffice to say, it cracks me up. oh, & he's probably the toughest guy possible.

bloody mary (played by james) is the high priestess & the knight of pentacles.
she's bloody mary, as in "the actual fucking bloody mary." she's got mirror control powers, & dream control powers, so she's like freddy kruger in the bargin. she's a galateid on the refinement of iron, meaning she's all into the perfection of the body, or in her case, masochism. oh, & she has "mary" written on her forehead in blood. james has decided to take it as a cross between cute & carelessly cruel- the part that had everyone in stitches is when he drew a picture of hello kitty but then gave it the hydra's body. she's also very tough, i wouldn't want to fight her none.

mike tango (played by tracey) is the chariot & the queen of wands.
mike mike tango tango. mike tango mike tango. mike ike tango ango. or really "echo mike echo tango," as in army radio chatter, as in "emet" as in "אמת." you know, the word that gave the golem life, or in this case, ulgan. the original idea i had was that mike is a signal, of some mysterious kind, animating the corpse of one of the players from the prelude- gemmatria in a modern context. the tie-in with numbers stations. anyhow, trace was disengaged from the process for a little while, but we were able to find some kind of common ground on the character, & i hope it progresses. she's got a weird mix of powers- probably the ones with the most bang, & the detection angle covered, too. she's on the refinement of mercury.

the hoodoo man (played by sam) is the hanged man & the page of wands.
the hoodoo man is an animated poppet, at least as i figured him, though sam is doing more of a mummy thing, to match with the osiran lineage (though me, i'm easy, i don' really care about stuff like that). he's on the refinement of copper, which mean he's all self interested. he's got a weird batch off powers, actually, which should synergize nicely with mike tango, & he's got...a good sense of smell? some of these characters i put together are so fucking weird.

perseus lost (played by mike) is the hermit & the knight of swords.
i'm glad mike got this- i was hoping him or james would, & whew. lucked out. he's billed as the original perseus, only the tales are wrong-- he got turned to stone, & just recently "got better." an unlikely story given that he doesn't even know greek. hooray! he's on the refinement of tin...of torment. great! he's got the most hilarious power in the game. i think mike might be saavy to some of what is going should be interesting to see how it plays out.

over-all, with the curve ball i pitched at them, there was a very weird energy. i figure that the weird energy tonight, as people sort of find their bearings, will make next session run smoother; that is what i'm counting on at least. i'm going to encourage them to form interpersonal relationships & work as a group; i am normally the dm who tries to make the group work against each other, because i am a dick, & i don't want to get stuck in that rut. what else? something else happened, but i don't remember what it was. oh, i remember: someone figured out that my promethean game is just a david lynch movie, which is 100% true. anyhow, so that is what happened on my sunday, after i finally clawed my way out of bed.
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