mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
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vino de la tierra extremadura, monasterio de tentudia, 2000.
m: aftertastey. snakeskin. j: take a big mouthful. mild for tempranillo. d: taffy. caramel?

nikki dry riesling, rheingan, 2006.
"nice label, i'm not crazy, glass stopper, bring to a girl."
m: cold waterslide. j: pairs nice with an ice cream sandwich. d: canned pears.

bogle pinot noir, russian river valley, 2005.
m: stalactite; bitter arrow. d: table wine, dinner. j: red wine.

dashwood sauvignon blanc, marlborough, 2006.
m: sci-fi white. j: sour candy.
Tags: art, wine

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