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just a big weird doldrums in action & adventure, so i get to musing. sort of shuffling through thoughts. kingtycoon called me up last night to brain storm some funeral traditions. mummification has always been the big deal in my game's mythos, but we tossed around some new ones, some of which were pretty spiffy. the han solo sarcophagi, in which a guy is encased in concrete & his possessions are draped about him, that is a little cheesy (with some merits), but there were two other ones i thought weren't bad. the goal being catacombs, right? not a bad pail to catch your milk in, catacombs. the other ones i tossed out was a walled up crypt with a window left high up, that only the priesthood with their special stool could reach, to drop offerings in. sacred stool! or catacombs with a chamber with both the crypt & a room to hold perpetual "wakes" when the folks file down on the day of the dead. i really liked the Potter from kingtycoon's crafter faith as the psychopomp god. that i find very charming. i also think that i'm going to use the term "grave reeve" in some capacity.

on the subject of the fourth edition. we've all be looking at the star wars saga edition for hints as to the direction it'll jump, & i'll tell you what i like: a variety of "armor classes." that is, adapting the reflex, fortitude, & will saves to a threshold, rather than adding them to the always finicky d20. plus, giving armor a range of flexibility is a great way to overcome the "well, isn't heavy armor always the best way to go, mathematically?" problem. bonus here, bonus there. i'm not adverse to math when it happens between levels or on the character sheet. will magic armor just increase your will? i'd like to see the escalation scaled back in a big way, & that could help. the three defense values system reminds me of the fun train-wreck that was earthdawn. that had "physical defense," "social defense," & "magical defense." which i liked, you know? i liked the way it incorporated coming into the room & having the villain standing atop a dais looking bad ass as hell, or the taunting little guy winning over the big dumb lunk (social attack!) & give you reasons to consider armor based on the various values ("well, but these priestly robes have great magic defense!").
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