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the minis i painted friday.

you can't really see how creepy the spenta mainyu is, or how the miniature spenta mainyu is pretty reasonably awful, as well as being utterly goofy & misplaced (yeah, yeah, planescape much?). you can't see that he's got a golden guy fawkes face, all rouged cheeks & heavy eyebrows. or that he's wearing a purple & white mitre with sapphires, because shouldn't everyone be wearing mitres? can we have a fashion over-throw for capes & mitres? you at least get a peek at his ruby slippers, which ain't too shabby. & yes, he's posing on the shelf next to my lovecraft stuff & house of leaves. i croon all of my nightmares to it in a sing-song voice first thing when i wake up.

halloween time, punks!
Tags: art, dnd, photos
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