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geeky avoidance of banality: activate!

uncaged: faces of sigil by tsr.

i generally don't have much use for books that are lists of non-player characters. i mean, i find a cute line, or hook in them, but not enough to own them. i bring this up because that is exactly what this book is-- but hold on a second. it isn't just a list of npcs, it is a list of celebrity npcs. there is something to be said for the camaraderie of gamers- you can meet anybody who has played dnd & they've probably got a story about tiamat, or whoever. the bloods in this book have a fair share of that-- most notably rule-of-threes, the cambion who chooses to embody the eponymous rule of threes who recently appeared in the demonweb pits & fell, the dabus cleric of the dead god asokar, who motherfuck would i not sit next to on a train. the guy personally pissed of the Lady! but i digress. there is some off-the-wall stuff in here, which is a big part of the planescape fun; sentient razorvine? a guy with fifteen (15) multiple personalities? there are also guys that i've seen mirrored independently..."us" & the ratcatcher have been in martak's game since before he had this book, only it was called "uberschwarm." still had a pet githzeri, though! apart from that, the characer's interlink. "see also:" & all that. a nice touch, & it made it a good enough read.

yesterday i painted some miniatures; i'll take pictures when i go back to mike's on sunday.
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