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red rover petite sirah, central coast california, 2003
m: easy cork! salt & sweet. j: buttery- carbonated.

ravenswood chardonnay, sangiacomo vineyard, sonoma california, 2005
m: always good.

trois chenes rouge, cotes du rhone, france, 2005.
m: beets & beef blood. d: hearts beef blood. cherry? j: slight cherry, oak.

pacific rim dry riesling, bonny doon vineyard, eastern washington & middle mosel, 2005.
m: wide. j: 1000x, not what it used to be. d: absent.

s'forno monastrell, mourvèdre, yecla spain, 2002.
m: cork = pungent. d: pungent = good word for it. j: coffee, dark.

badger mountain riesling, columbia valley washington, 2006.
j: not favorite colour. d: cidery. m: "amusement park."
Tags: art, wine

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