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dead gods by monte cook.

who is this colin mccomb? because his absence is felt in this book. not necessarily to its detriment, but i could tell something about it. reading it right on the heels of the great modron march, it does read as a sequel, in the least obtrusive way possible. if you arn't clued in to the dark of the matter, once upon a time (in the history of the game of dungeons & dragons as well as the history of dungeons & dragons) there was a demon prince named orcus. & then, he got killed. i don't know how, okay, but he did. & then monte cook was like "here is my big resurrection story" & orcus became "tenebrous" & wandered around saying muad'dib to gods, & killing them. or, okay The Last Word was what he was doing. this adventure arc is basically: you get pissed off at the visages (undead demon servents of the undead demon prince god orcus tenebrous) because they have annoying "reality perception control" powers, & you get so pissed that you prevent orcus from being brought back from the dead....OR DO YOU!?! & like all the planescape modules, it has great design- it relies on the dungeon master to interlink them, but provides sloppy rough info on how to do so, & the body of the adventure is similarly a skeleton, ripe for your own meat. unlike with modern adventures, in which i feel insulted & straight jacketed, i could easily see someone wanting to use this. plus, it also comes with a completely unrelated adventure arc, to intermix with the orcus tenebrous arc in order to throw player characters off the scent. a trick i've done many a time, but it is nice to see it all there provided for you. once again, the adventure, nay, the whole book subscribes to the internal logic of the planescape universe: the rule of threes, unity of rings, center of the universe; it is liberally peppered with slang (not jargon, slang) from planescape; the whole nine yards. i also really like the art in it; fuck, man, planescape products really were good.

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