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monday i had to do laundry; gnashing of teeth & rending of my sack-cloth didn't help, although it was one less sack-cloth to wash. i made the cunning chessman's offensive, & seduced maggie into coming to the laundromat with me to keep me company-- how is that for a knight's move? plus, i wanted to gossip. afterwords she came over & kept jenny & i company during the putting the clothes away phase. really, really riveting; if that episode airs again, i'll have to remember to tape it. for the future. we watched, what, like wonderfalls & then some other stuff, too. i forget what. something. we also drank some wine, whose bottles are still floating around the apartment, which is otherwise immaculate, since jenny cleaned all weekend (i helped!).

then of course last night was television night, which nobody was at. not even me. a desolate ghost town, closed up & abandoned when the silver mine closed. wait! that isn't true! i was there! & you were there, & you....or well, jenny & david. we tried out a new liquor store (is there something snobbier to call it? like, wine venue? i'm sure there is) which was fine; very space-wasteful though. still, i'll go again; plus the checkout clerk was totally eyeball fucking me & david. then we went to the burrito joint i frequent; they just finished retrofitting it with sublight engines, a c+ cannon, & a bar. it uh...seems awfully crowded there now, on both sides of the counter, & they wanted to serve us potato salad? what the fuck, guys? so i don't know if that is good news; the prices jacked up, too, so i suppose it is bad news. then our small crew hit hard- we had television to march through, two episodes of beauty & the geek & america's next top model both. afterwords: high heels! candle light! romance!
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