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the great modron march by monte cook & colin mccomb.

planescape is by far the boldest of any of the dnd settings & here is why: shit actually happens. i mean, whatever fucking bullshit goes down on toril or khorvaire or whatever? is basically "omg, deviation from the status quo! quick, call pcs to fix that!" the planes aren't locked in that loop, which is kind of ironic given their nature as the quintessential manifestation of concrete ideologies. it isn't just metaplot that i mean, though that is there & i've never minded it (as in, i'm not a moron, i can take-it-or-leave-it which is all that any metaplot requires) but just that there is room. & frankly, cojones. now, i'm not ga-ga over these adventures. some of them are alright, but whatever. most of them are missions. it is fine, i'm not hating, but they arn't brilliant. they DO have room for the players to actually have motives & ambitions. in fact, the summaries seem kind of exasperated at time when they deal with how to get the pcs involved. "if your lazy players arn't motivated enough that this rumor won't get them off their fat asses, have so-&-so hire them to follow the rumor. suckers." anyhow, i'm sure reaping the benefits of martak's obsessive need to buy all of these: this here was a golden age of gaming, in which role-playing was the order of the day, not roll-playing. plus, right, the Last Word! i've had this idea a'bubbling. i'll clue you in. the whole sliding ownership of the sixth layer of hell. maladomini. i was thinking that a nice counter-swerve might be to have a demon lord defect to rule it as diabolical archduke. orcus was one of the guys i was considering, & his stint as primus? heck, as far as i'm concerned, my idea is black gold. solid.
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