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sidekicks: the transfer student by j. torres & takeshi miyazawa.

despite the title, this was really much more of a "second generation" supers comic, not a sidekicks one- that means kids, which means the inevitable hogwart's comparisons. really though, much of the fun of hogwarts was left out of this: "no powers" rules means that yeah, you can tell your high school story, but at least have there be more than one class! though i shouldn't complain; focusing on the relationships is a smart play to make. & that was fine. but only fine; none of the characters have enough personality to stand out other than that. takeshi miyazawa's work isn't really served at its best potential, either; it suffers without colour, quite honestly. his faces all tend to blur together (as do faces in all comics) & in, for instance, spider-man loves mary jane, that is fine. the girls come colour coded! the boys come in broad, regular, & puny. here, you can see there being little tricks, like the main character's hair stripe, but it can get tricky to tell characters apart from one another. over-all, an "eh." i wouldn't discourage you from reading it, but i would say go grab it off the shelves, either.
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