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the final girl.

so i've been thinking more & more about the slayer thing; the icon, as i mentioned before. today's musing are: is the slayer the evolution of the "final girl trope? the girl who, by avoiding all the pitfalls of vice, lives to the end of the movie? i mean, by clover's argument of appropriating the phallus, doesn't get more "appropriated phallus" than shoving a stake into somebody. &, you know, there are arguments to be made in that direction. ripley is the survivor of alien, right? a final girl. but then in the next film(s), she's all rock & roll & flamethrowers. same shtick with sarah conner. try to terminate me once, shame on you, try to terminate me twice & i have been doing push-ups constantly since last we met. it isn't quite the same though. the buffy idea is to have the girl immediately turn around & roundhouse the serial killer chasing her, right? she doesn't need a crisis to toughen her up or to dehumanize her (see also sarah conner's thousand yard stare, tm). fordmadoxfraud said that the final girl has the danger brought to her, while the slayer seeks it, i think that is a quibble of plot, not of archetype. anyhow, my point being, i think that final girl is worth considering as a title for the attempt to archetype the success of buffy. now what i'm going to think about it stripping down the components; right? no one wants to just rip off joss whedon. so what can you keep, what can you get rid of, what can you flip around?
Tags: final girl, ideology

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