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giant whiny bitch enough all last week, mordicai? i was a snappy little crustacean, i'll tell you whatfor. beware of missing fingers! i think it have to do with a number of mood altering factors. first among them is the fucking dog-days of...autumn? seriously, i'm not really a fan of being influenced by outside forces, but this is not suiting my optimistically gloomy personality. this shit, this isn't any kind of indian summer, this is a fucking...eskimo summer? aztec summer? fucking venusian summer? apart from that, jenny's just been a little sick, which kind of curtails social interaction. so i've been cooped up, struck by cabin fever. annoying, & knowing that i'm being a bad state just makes it worse; i hate irrational behaviors. anyhow, not so bad now; i'm better after getting out & about. so lets all go lay inside of abandoned wells & dream about what is even deeper. sounds like a plan, kubriks?

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