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why i do declare, my promethean game went pretty well last night! or i suppose i should say my world of darkness game, on account of how everyone is a mortal, & mostly it is just that the mystery tale that they are delving into is a promethean based story. one of my players, sam, is familiar with the source material (something i discouraged my regular gaming chums from investigating) so i went ahead & threw a curve ball or twenty in for spice. one of the root mysteries, for instance, is not about a promethean a la frankenstein but rather about a promethean-like creature a la edward hyde. the alchemical backbone is there, & i think the leap is pretty intuitive given the game paradigm. it isn't the newest though (foiled again!) judging by similar ideas being present on the white wolf forums, but i think my execution is superior & vastly more elegant than anything i see there. perhaps i'll share it when this is all said & done. one thing i've learned is that i don't have the first clue about running a one-shot. my story is already a sprawling monster, replete with encrypted notes & alchemical diagrams (& reference books to decode them), & epistolatory exposition. afterwards, james bailed, & trace, sam, bernie, & myself went to harry bolands to grab a few "pints" & were later met by jenny. then when we got home, i was tricked into watching the rock of love reunion special! fuck!
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