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it is probably accurate to note that i've been more interested in input rather than output lately. in digestion more than introspection. which isn't to say that the gates of minas mordicai have closed, by any stretch of the imagination. just that, periodically, the furnaces need to be stoked. i do have a pretty solid foundation, & how much can i play that harp? the self-of-other. into that crucible i toss all kinds of scraps, melting it down & separating the dross. i thought it might be fun to record the notes i'd left for myself along the way. or well, of a leg of the journey; you probably can only underestimate the little scraps of notepaper i leave lying about my apartment. i have a notebook though, that i plan on compiling the most recent wave into. maybe i should get to work on that instead of retyping them here. too late! the die is cast! onward, & we'll get back to the rubicon later.

sky full of kites? no, gliding Bats -vampire bats
-sleeping intellect- don't bother being smart till the need to
determined to play at swords
scatterer of petals
kill demon,
demon infects killer,
killer keeps killing in sleep,
till at last demon slips away.
sea shell concrete
"steps" - square dance
Jack in the Box
head like rotten melon, black button eyes
pot-bellied suits of armor- incense
lecanomancy- oil in water
black & yellow lacquered sea shell helmets
"at 6s & 7s!"

secrets kept for politics
tree meant to draw sin from criminals graves- cut down to make _____. puppets? coffins? boats!
scar like mother-of-pearl
dreams = ghosts
vampire spirit
necklace of ears/noses/penises/whatever/woad
statue- head knocked off, replaced with something grisly.
braids on either side of face
hunt master,
kill master,
replace master.
it must be.
lightning bolt script
glass insects
casting lots for syllables of name.

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