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last saturday we went to candace's birthday party. candace & brian are our friends-at-kira's-events friends, but you know, i guess saturating into groups is how adults infiltrate new friend cohorts? i'm more interested in creep-out-attack, but then, i guess i'm not like, the best model. being mostly a kind of spider, or xenomollusk. my story is going to be a bit disjointed, because i'm not really in my head completely right now. black paint splattered out of the can. smoke in dark places. mottled blotches on the astral. jenny & i were going to try to put in at least an appearance at alicia's birthday, which was going down at the same time (though trumped by rsvp) but time constraints worked against that. the train ride was fucked up by me; i went with my gut, got my doubts, decided to go with my first choice, & went two stops too far. lesson: skeptics always win the wars. after jenny good sportedly walked the mile & a half (1.5 mi) & we got to the locale-- a swanky high-rise on the williamsburg waterfront. a nice view of the bridge dominates. i'm pretty sure the camazotz living in the crevices eat well. so forth. the party was nice; phase one (1) involved her family, & the room had kind of bad flow of occupancy, but i kept entertained. i made sure to drink only socially; when phase two (2) started to creep up, i'd toss a few back. midway through, though, the human robot malfunctioned. an embarrassing weakness! a flaw in my constitution. so i spent too much time in repose; lost momentum, buzz. jenny came to find me to make sure i wasn't abandoned. it happened. later, the afterparty was again, fine. i kind of hated the venue a lot though. i enjoyed the company, but there was a surfeit of insiders, so it was mostly us scavengers talking amongst ourselves. some of the people i'd previously gotten to know were weird, like-- when i had paid less attention to them, they liked me better. that sort of thing. nino got sick at the end, too, but we all (nino, kira, jenny, myself, brian, & christine) piled into a minivan & took it home in a jumping jack flash. & that is what happened. so i have done things, i have. i don't always sit on the couch in the dark. sometimes i read. sometimes i even leave the apartment! not tonight though. i'm cooped up more inside my skull than anywhere. can openers & corkscrews, stat!
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