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the alchemist's kitchen by guy ogilvy.

can i have enough alchemical treatises? no, no i cannot. you can't either, sam i am, so don't try to rhyme against me! my skills will brook no rival! no man can be my equal! anyhow, this is a pretty little thing, innit? all with shiny hologram letters & all that. sparkly! my magpie claws snatched it up before you could say "chocolate phosphate." inside, it is pretty rudimentary, but as far as an introduction goes, it ain't shabby. we didn't get it for the nasty words, though, did we most precious mordicai? no, we gots it for the pretty pictures, all full of the great work in several permutations.

care & feeding of sprites by holly black & tony diterlizzi.

i don't know when i decided i was going to start caring about art. or if not art, than pictures i like. i suppose in this case, it is rather obvious-- i've been crooning about diterlizzi since i first started spotting his little blighters popping up in various game books, & i read the spiderwick books as soon as they came out. this is itself a spiderwick spin-off, but of the finest caliber-- if you've got the stomach for it. sprites are half-tiny-person, half-flower, & half-insect (they can do that. equal more than a full cup, i mean). they are also a little bit dangerously cute; i tell myself i am doing seriously intensive research on wil-o-wisps & such. dark business, that!
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