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downer: wandering monster by kyle hunter.

when wizards of the coast decided not to renew paizo's license on dragon & dungeon, i was left was a pile of store credit that i was eager to trade in-- for just this book, in fact. i'd seen the strip in the back of a dungeon i was borrowing (having never had much need to subscribe to it), & was pretty immediately engaged. this first volume aptly captures just what it was that drew me in. the art is fantastic, & the serious cartoon approach brings something new to the dnd art table-- & with all the different horses at that trough, that is saying something. the story combines wit with the sort of over-the-top storytelling that comes from a certain breed of dnd game-- i know i've been talking about planescape a lot here, but kyle hunter takes the same kind of frenzied grab-bag attitude & brings it to the underdark. i had read a bunch of these chapters online at his site, which didn't keep me from wanting to own the collection-- you can't keep fun like this off your shelf. of the extras, the "mad monster menagarie" on its own is worth a peek-- the ettercap has little spider-man webbing-wings! the goblin blue has a top hat & cane! the braineater is drooling! when something like this comes along so steeped in the fringe mythology of dnd (the endgame features...ethergaunts!? which i hear erik mona invented?) much madcap do you want? i want a lot, & i liked this. so there is that.
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