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the slayer of the vampyres!

you know what i've decided on? i like the "vampire slayer" as an addition to the shared mythos of pulp horror. the girl with the stake. super powers optional. i mean, sure, it started as a much needed flipping of the genre on its head (thanks joss whedon) but that wasn't the steam that fueled the engine, that kept it going. there is just something to be said for the archetype bubbling up & suddenly crystallizing. i don't know if i'm putting this quite right, so lets look at the tropes of the genre. i mean, you've got your monsters; your draculas, your mummys, your werewolves, your frankensteins, your zombies. those get plenty of spin on their own; in fact, the genre is mostly kept alive based on tweaking those just a smidgen. the protagonists though, they see less attention; not that you can't come up with notable exceptions. but what, grizzled action hero guy, right? but there is something now, right, that isn't that. the slayer is on the verge of becoming iconic. i think it is an icon that deserves proliferation & establishment. i was a fan of the show, & a fan of the new comic series, but i'm talking something more than that (though franchises help, as always). i'm talking something in the range of what "jedi" aspires to. something that, decades & maybe even centuries from now, is seeing service in fiction. that is what i'm coming out in support of. the slayer, right? the slayer.
Tags: final girl, ideology

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