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the thing i think needs to be explained to young bloods out there in the world is that courtesy isn't a loss of personal power or privilege, but rather a statement, or even a gain. noblesse oblige is you, from a position of advantage, helping others out of social responsibility. it shows that you are such a big shot that you can take the time to stand there & hold the door for the next person; you're in no hurry, the world can't go on without you. you can stop & help whoever just dropped their stuff because heck; you're the effing man. too much of history has been the stressing of the noblesse, but in the age of revolutions, the oblige has risen to ascent. through basic courtesy, you display the features of a desirable team-mate; you transcend bully alpha into something better. you, by exercising your gentlemanly or gentlewomanly manner, display features of leadership. you open the door because you have the power to open the door. the dynamics of that power flow favor you. just something to remember, you savage chaotic evil bastards.

sunday i ran the first session of what was meant to be my promethean two-shot. now it looks like it might have to be more like a three- or four-shot. we had two new players in the group, both of whom worked out just swell. still unkinking the world of darkness rules, though. monday i stayed inside to spendthrift some time with my jenny, who is cute to make the sun bleed. tuesday was more monsterfest- that should be up on friday. apparently some of the guests canceled at the last moment, leading to scribbled interview questions. wednesday i pushed around some high school kids screaming "get the fuck away from my window!". about eight of them were curb stomping some other kid, & when they threw him up against our window i had to shoo them away with some ultraviolence. or really, just a couple of shoves. today is thursday.

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