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wormwood: gentleman corpse: birds, bees, blood, & beer by ben templesmith.

what happens when you cross john constantine & spider jerusalem, kill them, & let a sentient maggot take control of the cadaver? well, you'll have to read to find out. this is the same cat who did the art for 30 days of night, & i'd have to guess that he puts more work into his own stuff, because the pictures here are just bloody astonishing. plus, maybe i'm spoiled from reading too many old planescape books lately, but the whole "fascinating creatures from fables & myth juxtaposed in modern, day-to-day settings" schtick is pretty much an easy sell to me. medusa owning a strip club, clockwork drinking buddies, lords of hell as old school chums, that sort of thing. both the short-arcs & the long-arc work; consider me a fan of this, & if you're in the mood for a nice couple of dark chuckles, pick it up. it ain't to shabby (for a rotting, staggering, satanic husk).
Tags: books, comics

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