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scarlet traces by ian edginton and d'israeli.

i was impressed enough with the adaptation of war of the worlds & the ideas it stirred up in my bonebox to order the dirty, filthy, thieving sequel; that is, well, they preemptively stole my ideas, which is, i think we can agree, cruelty in the first degree. the notes in the appendix call the spider-coaches the piece de resistance & rightly so; the articulated hussars are pretty canny as well. i liked the story, & i liked the story-telling, which is the sort of thing you have to be mindful of when there is high-concept stuff like "lets write a steam-punk sequel to war of the worlds." there were a few moments that made me tug on peter's collar to show them to him, like the scene on the flying wing, & that there is good enough endorsement of the over-all art & ideas. recommendations? you bet! highly. i'm chomping my gnashers waiting for the next installment to get in from being back-ordered-- this time, they take the fight to mars! of course, looming over that is the creepiest line in the book, delivered by one of the "squabs" (as they call the martians): "there are worse things on mars than us." sorn? i can only keep my fingers crossed!

rose by jeff smith & charles vess.

let me start out glowing: jeff smith & charles vess are captains of industry! gentlemen wearing crowns of laurels, rightly so! unmatched in the ring, heavy weight champs! which works against their own good, though; i should by all rights be giving this more attention. i should be more excited! the problem being, this is just what i expected; a well-done faerietale by jeff smith, just like the faerietale bits of bone. bone! one of the great works of modern literature. no joke. & since smith was basically channeling charles vess when he did those bits, having charles vess do the art in this book is an appropriate homage. it's all so everything-in-its-right-place that it is easy to overlook how good it is: i had expectations! always a buzzkill, those. that said, vess' rat creatures are so cool. really, the whole thing was cool. it was like getting a drink with someone you know is grade-a styling & profiling; when you leave, you are left reassured that they are, in fact, as slick as you remember.
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