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fullmetal alchemist volume 13 & 14 by hiromu arakawa.

hey, two volumes went by without anyone dying! the thing i like about these is that things are actually progressing with the plot; it isn't treading water or posing contests. real motion on the main stories of the characters- alphonse's body, colonel mustang in the worst meeting of all time with king bradley fuhrer president, ling becoming greed, scar finding out about envy & the isbalan civil war, the little girl revealed as another princess, the whole shebang. plus, the super-creepy cover of edward with the the eye of the portal inside of his silhouette is just great; is it just me or is the automail's attachment to his clavicle a new addition to how he's drawn? from what i hear, the manga is up to volume seventeen (17) in japan, & still ticking; i would like for it to come to an end though.

last night's wine list as follows. i wrote notes on the labels (drunk).

excelsior cabernet sauvignon 2005
m: ok d: like j: like (simple)

root: 1 casablanca valley sauvignon blanc 2006
d: like a lot j: good (sweet) m: like a lot (not sweet but fruit)

mercedes eguren cabernet sauvignon 2005
all: hot garbage.

three thieves chardonnay 2005
Tags: books, comics, fullmetal alchemist, wine

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