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plus, slowly, in drips & drizzles, television is starting again. last night was our first television viewing "event," which in this particular instance was not an invent due to attendance (at this point david doesn't count) but due to some of the best entertainment offered by the planet earth: america's next top model & beauty & the geek. so there is two hours worth of decent viewing per week (2/week) right there; three hours (3:00) this week, since b&tg had a two hour (2:00) casting special. a casting special hosted by nate & jenny lee.

if you don't know about the romance of nate & jenny lee, then you are doomed. simple as that. in fact i think cw 3:16 says that. yeah, i just checked, it does. nate, a geek. jenny lee, a beauty. so star-crossed! so tragic! so charming. so of course they arn't together now, but they still have chemistry, which is all you need for decent television. really the best part about the casting special was how deliciously mean jenny lee is. wait, she's not bitchy, but she is a total bitch. how to put it? she's pretty enough not to get called on it, & she's smart enough to be witty about it. just a fake laugh here, a rolled eye there. pure genius. i want the two of them to get their own show. the host of the show also toured some cities in the casting special, which is the first time he's really gotten to have a personality. his personality, it turns out, is basically "this is all fucking hilarious!" so the casting part? aces!

this season the "beauties" are "prettier" than they have been. some of them have been pretty busted before: how is cecile a beauty? fuck that. this time the girls are that style of gross pretty that bleeds out of california; in particular, they all have enormous breasts. not just giant boobs; gigant boobs. it makes me really angry at being a boy; i know the boobs are gross, & that i'm disgusted by them, but i can't stop staring at them. thanks, evolution. thanks...for nothing! the geeks the ticket is still out on. the larper...ugh. i fucking hate that guy, because right? i'm the geek in the neighboring territory. so i have to fucking hate that guy, with his "my defense mechanism is superiority." fucking gah. i'm hoping that the asian kid gets de-emasculated (masculated?) because right now he's a little too "harmless & adorable" for his own good.

maybe you've heard of a little show called america's next top model?

maybe you've heard of a little show called america's next top model?

maybe you've heard of a little show called america's next top model?

seriously, if you arn't watching this show, you should line up a good excuse like "i don't have eyeballs" or "i was in a tragic life-altering accident that has left me unable to feel joy" or something, because i'm going to say this right here & now: tyra banks (my girl) is a genius. she isn't the face of this show, she is this show, & as her fame expands & allows her room to act like a lunatic? the show gets better & better. tyra (my girl) is the real modern prometheus. just a heads up on that. so i'm not going to go through every girl here; david already has & i'm not going to make any decisions till the make-overs. there are a few early nails that need getting cracked on the head, though: blonde mall girl? what is that girl in this show for? & kicking out the boston girl? like i was saying, it would be nice to have tyra (my girl) saying "you need to fix how you talk" to a white chick's retaaded taakin' instead of a bronx girl's latina chant or a black girls ghettofab. i guess the show doesn't really need to mind it's racial mix-up though, since it is easily the most diverse show on television. uncalculatingly. how diverse, you ask? well, this season they have a girl with asperger's. how the...what good. an autistic girl. & she's totally got game. fucking hell yes. the other girls that win with me are jenah & the stripper. man, television is back!
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