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erato, polyhymnia, thalia & urania (joke = musings!)

you know what i think is great? playboy advisor. i was just looking for a feed of it, but i couldn't find one, which is a bummer. back when i lived in the wasteland, i knew this guy brian. we called him the "hedge against anarchy," because he had all the guns. all of them. brian was the dm for our shadowrun game, & he also had a subscription to playboy. this has led (unfairly) to those associates of mine not in our shadowrun game to refer to him as "guns & porn brian." brian was, what, six foot seven (6'7")? with a long flowing mane of hair. hilarious guy. anyhow, often while i would be waiting for game to start or whatever, i'd read through his playboys; or really, just the advisor. the basic premise is thus: the playbody advisor will answer any question, from "how can i convince my girlfriend to have a threesome" to "what is the best ten-speed bike?"

on a totally different note, i was thinking about the unintentionally racist results of racial sensitivity. or well, in a specific case: re-enactments. when doing re-enactments, or at re-enactment sites, you don't treat black people like slaves; in fact, while i'm going to guess there arn't a lot, there certainly are some re-enactors who aren't white. i'm thinking of the lefferts house in particular. & i'm certainly not advocating that some kind of racial divide be part of the re-enactments which are done more as entertainment than as history lessons. it does have the unintended consequence of white-washing the past, though; i think that it is a real problem, in that it gives the privileged a false representation of context. my solution is slave manor. i liked manor house a whole damn lot when i watched it, so lets do it again, but with a southern american plantation! the simple twist being: flip-flop the colour palette. make the slaves white folks, & the owners black folks. or at least, not-white folks. i guess even then it would still be tame (probably less whippings-to-death) but it might make for good edutainment.

what else i was thinking about was alternate physics, a mental game i play with myself often. see, i had to throw physics out the window when i started dungeon mastering. you really have to, especially if you are playing with smart guys, otherwise they start gaming the system. you know, they have the weight of modern science behind them, allowing all kinds of ludicrous jumps in plausible continuity. anyhow, it is just more fun to make up your own physics (just ask jeff grube). so i don't know, i have some kind of concept of ley energy, whatever. it isn't important to go into here. the moral of the story is that i got to thinking about cosmological realities & their visibility from earth. you know, you've probably heard me freak out about the sun & the moon being the same visible size from earth. what a brainfuck that is for the human species. seriously. anyhow, i was thinking about, as you might expect, giant tesla coil-like crackles of energy, ribboning the earth like rings. how that might look. it made me think WHAT THE FUCK! did you know, periodically, giant sparks of electricity SHOOT OUT OF THE SKY? i'm not kidding about it! like, the sky grows dark & then electricity, vast vast amounts of electricity, just SHOOTS OUT & HITS THE GROUND! how are people not freaking out more about lightning? what is it caused by, like, air rubbing against itself? or something? fuck! not like, one time this happened, or like, it happened in russia in nineteen oh eight (1908) but like, all the time this happens. the air just gets dark & then more electricity than people can make shoots out. no joke!

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