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so lets see, we've been a busy bunch over in the rude nation of mordicai. lets get down to the nitty-gritty.

i canceled my neopets premium account. in retrospect...what the fuck!?

tuesday i helped danielle move. her old apartment was less than great; her new apartment remedies the situation considerably. the downside is that it is in the wild forests of the queen's royal forest. which is in & of itself a situation with both upsides & down; i really like her neighborhood, for example, but then i cut my teeth on the nihilistic suburbs of the wasteland. it will probably calm her dog down considerably, too. after the move, we all went out for sushi; or really, more succinctly, for sake. oh man, magic sake, because we got plastered but in a totally fun way. we went out for giant beers later at the actual irish pub; i kept meaning to leave, but i kept staying! there were a bunch of pictures taken; i was going to wait for them, but danielle left for vacation, so who knows when they'll materialize.

afterwords, on the way home, fordmadoxfraud & i kind of lost our minds a little bit, but i think everybody in babylon was in on the joke with us. who knows exactly what happened! i think waiting for the seven (7) train there might have been a fantastic view? or maybe not! i'm not exactly sure. then grand central station was our parkour course; david & i just sprinted through the place, feet flapping goblin style, tearing a black jag across it's hallowed halls, laughing all the way (ho ho ho). waiting for the train was more of us making the dragon-tunnels into our jungle gym; like i said though, somehow no one was annoyed with us! people thought we were charming & hilarious. then on the train i sidled up next to a sleeping hobo & started talking to david about how i was both a vampire & a serial killer. i cheerfully got in character for the next hour, leaving the homeless guy curled up with his hands over his ears. okay, so everyone thought we were great except for that guy.

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