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so robert fucking jordan is dead, & just like absolutely everybody predicted, he didn't finish the wheel of time. the fucking wheel of time. were you a geeky kid? i was. it worked out pretty well for me, but there were pitfalls along the way. like giant fantasy series with some promise soon squandered by the author's masturbatory insertion of misogyny. i mean, for a little while there maybe this series was decent? i can't tell. i liked myrdraal plenty, & some of his other shit. but he just kept coming out with these enormous thousand (1,000) page books where main characters didn't appear & shit didn't happen. just, you know, girls looking down their noses, sniffing, folding their arms beneath their breasts, then agreeing that polygamy was a good way to go. seriously. a lot of that. & there was never want of possible plots, ideas that could be followed. i mean, armageddon loomed, cortez was invading, the ninja jews were on the warpath, cultists were everywhere, the spanish inquisition was ongoing, reincarnation, time travel, other dimensions, a wizard's war, civil war, & throughout all of this, fucking...listen: a whole book was devoted to finding a specific magic item that was supposed to make it rain. that really happened. i didn't bother to read the last book, whatever it was called. hell, i can't remember what happened in the last four; a whole lot of nothing. the moral of the story is that at one point i thought these were good. what the fuck was wrong with me? & now he's dead & his oft touted "ending that he's had written since the beginning" will end up being adapted into something by his wife. at least he can't drag it on for another ten (10) books. seriously, there are like eleven (11) books in the series now, each weighing in at about a thousand (1,000) pages. mostly involved with pouting girls & stupid boys.
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