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jean auguste dominique ingres by karin grimme.

vermeer & painting in delft by axel ruger.

i looked at some books of pictures. there were also abbreviated biographies of the painters in there, but so fucking what? boo-fucking-who! you're visual memetic infection persists beyond your mortal coil; rejoice! other than that, tonight has been lovely. after word i picked up wine & groceries & jenny cooked us up a fancy dinner, which we accompanied with a couple of bottles of wine, one of which i claimed from thais after years of claiming i was going to.

campos reales, la mancha 2006.
antigua desert wine, merryvale aged 11 years.

after which we just sat at the dinner table chatting it up like a couple of blackbirds! i had cleared the table earlier (a feat) & put a bunch of books in one of the piles we have. piles. i really want more book shelves; i suppose they will materialize at some point, but still. now my "mayan glyph" books are over on the television table stacked up on top of my "history of firearms" & "history of castles" books. how charmed are you that these are sections of my library! so charmed. i am at least. anyhow, i'm just nightcapping my evening before i crash early; jenny is watching some awful show or other again: the fashionista diaries or some such rubbish?

over-all, i think today has been a decent day. the crystallization of a certain idea has been haunting me, to my benefit. i mean, the angel = other mythology is pretty apparent, yes? you could say it is hallmark, masterstroke; you could say a lot of things, probably. but the comparison of odin as the god who became a magician & the angel who became one as well? has a certain resonance. plus, i walk around listening to discordant musical interludes? with these thoughts in my head. thinking about the hive, heck, about the end of the world, & me standing against the pit listening to the voices lift up in song. the songs just shake my bones. in my head most stimuli can become magical. because i am a winner.
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