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war of the worlds by h.g. wells, ian edginton, & d'israeli.

i came up with a gorgeous, galetiad of an idea today: my ultimate steam-punk extravaganza! see, i was reading a war of the worlds comic & i realized that there was the making of a great story there; post-apocalyptic victoriana. the remnants of mankind, left with the pristine technology of mars, ripe for the reverse engineering! what kind of technology, you ask? why, giant fighting robots! what luck! steam-punk mecha, ahoy! i marveled at my own ingenuity only to discover that...well...the authors of the above comic have already beaten me to the punch. you bastards! suffice to say, i've ordered the comics, & i certainly hope they're as good as they were in my head. because they were pretty effing great in my head.
Tags: books, comics

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