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just a couple of thoughts real quick. first, i've been having all these dnd horrors trickling through the old noggin', which i kind of want to record here, but am also mindful that secretive is a useful watchword when building suspense. maybe i'll make some friend's posts? not to shabby a thought. speaking of "the realms," can i mention that it was total bullshit not to see venger on the dragon twenty (20) greatest villains? i think he's probably the most endearing part of the television show. which i'm watching now, by the way, so that jenny can watch flipping out in the other room. what did i do today? shit. i want to kind of stop having my diary be just a boring record of what i've read. which i like, but i don't want it to become a tool to obscure actual examination. too easy to let it slip in like a mask. i went to lunch with lily, which was pretty nice. i'm not usually a "take lunch" kind of guy, since we're not a "take lunch" kind of operation, but i wanted to make a genuine effort to reconnect with her, since we used to hang out all the time. maybe we'll actually start hanging out again? she lives in my neighborhood, which increases the likelihood. i'd be okay about that. i'm kind of bummed that danielle is moving; i liked the ease of having her here, but also maybe her being farther away will compel me to think of something to do more interesting that "drink & watch television (tv)" which, right, isn't bad, but is a cop-out.

i still totally have empty spots; but i've done a good job filling them with methadone. heaven = babylon = new york city. right? & jenny, while not a substitute for the rest of the pile of glass, sure is a balm on the wounds. which makes it better. i don't always lie up wracked with it. i do a little, but with less "wrack." if i wracked too much, i'd wake her up! so ache. always an ache. & being able to disappear & be brilliant simultaneously? that is pretty great. you can just sit in the iron guts of the city & watch walls go by. puts a dent in the hunger for labyrinths, you know? so all in all, i think i'm doing a pretty good job of playing the magician on my situation. odin drinking from mimir's skull n' all that. move some arcana around, twist some of the path's 'round on the sephiroth, flip to a few qlipah & you're cooking with gas. it's no kether, but it is a living. which, how about them apples?

later, when i went to the gym, all was going well till i split the seams on my boxers!

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