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our joint has just been party central lately, i guess? sunday's dnd game was canceled on account of the dungeon master being out of town, so there was a little bit of plan juggling (that got sour for a second with bernie) but eventually we sieved a day out of the sand, archaeologically. we met up with carla's work people at prospect park for a picnic which was...funny? first, pretending like she & robert weren't together was a trip, but not in a "good trip" way. more in a "stomach ache & tracers" trip kind of way. besides that, there was just a lot of brand-name testosterone, all "toss the football" & whatever. plus, carla's boss' dog is a little monster-- i want to explain to everyone with a dog that growls & snaps: you are not the alpha of your pack. having a tiny dog that thinks it is the pack alpha emasculates you. just a heads up on that. the real win of the party was getting a little tipsy & then hanging out with kids; there were a couple of fun ones there. so in the end we waited till david showed up, stole about two dozen sandwiches & left.

so jenny, carla, robert, jason, daivd & i went back to my apartment, drank a few pumpkin beers, watched some "creatures of the deep sea" television programming, & then went out to the pub on 6th ave & 5th st. did you know that had a downstairs? i didn't until sunday; used to eating outside, i guess? we got a bunch of beer & food, & met up with james & bernie. so we did the dinner & drinks thing & then it was time to leave (or not leave? or leave? or not leave? leave!) to go watch the mtv video music awards (vmas). man, that was a pretty fun time, all of us crammed onto the couch (or lounging on the floor) & shouting about the mess that most of those characters are...except paris, darling paris, outing aguilara's pregnancy. good for you, princess! once everyone left, jenny stayed up to finish the awards while i crashed. i've been sleeping a ton; why am i so exhausted? fucking sucks.

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