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survival of the prettiest by nancy etcoff.

proof that eventually i will get to a book if i leave it on the shelf long enough. i put off reading this for the simple reason that i was pretty sure i was going to agree with it. i mean, i like non-fiction that either teaches me something new (even if i expect to like the topic) or that challenges my opinions (though that can get annoying, too). reading things i'm just going to agree with seems a little masturbatory. & i was right about things a little; a lot of what was discussed here i had already parsed & synthesized, but at the same time, there were tidbits that hadn't occurred to me. i already mentioned the realization that my books are outstanding examples of both conspicuous consumption & conspicuous leisure; & there were plenty of other "ah-has!" as well as example of explanation that i thought were very good (the analogy of clothes to language i thought particularly adroit). there was also only a few times i thought to myself that an angle of discussion was left unused; not enough to bug me. i'd recommend it, especially if you think it is likely to make you think twice about an unexamined opinion; but then, are there still readers who think that beauty doesn't have obvious roots in evolutionary adaptivity & status games? i mean, is that an inflammatory hypothesis, anymore?
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