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back before the Great Television Draught of Summer 2007, we used to have a weekly meet-up to watch shows with various friends; i expect that will resume when this fall season picks up (but minus battlestar: galactica & lost? what the hell is that. at least heroes will be there for some kind of backbone) but there is another key ingredient to a good "lost wednesday" that should not be overlooked: alcohol, or really more specifically, wine. to be clear: i don't know a god-damn thing about wine. i'm ignorant enough on the subject & its social niceties to alienate my future father-in-law with that lack. my style of wine selection relies on a juncture between labels & price. i'm smart enough to go back to things that i like, & to possess some discernment when the subject of whether or not i like it comes up, but really, i'm using it for the drugs in it more than i am for its other merits. regardless of this, i've nagged fordmadoxfraud to keep a record of what we were drinking, which only happened if taken early, while we were still sober. after a recent binge of wine, i realized that i could best keep track by counting the bottles in the aftermath, before recycling them. okay, we've got a start there. i'm not really sure what information bears inclusion though; anyhow. i'm the type of monster that enjoys a facade of gentility, so maybe i want to learn about wine. maybe i do, anyhow; you can't stop me. so here is the first batch. name, year; winery: location. type. seems like a good start?

pink truck, 2006; red truck winery: sonoma, california, usa. california pink wine.
duo, 2005; alto de casablanca sa: casablanca, chile. sauvignon blanc.
orvieto, 2005; ruffino: pontassieve, italy. classico (?).
lumina, 2005; ruffino: friuli venezia giulia, italy. pinot grigio.
frontera, 2006; concha y toro: chile. cabernet sauvignon merlot.
protocolo, 2005; dominio de eguren: castille, spain. tempranillo is the type of grape.

okay, that was a bit of a pain in the ass; i didn't find any agreed nomenclature in my wikisearching, & didn't occur to me till jenny mentioned it. anyhow, that is my first pass. as i learn stuff (or get lazier) i'm sure it will evolve. i left off things like bottle sizes, but i'm tempted to start including it on the off chance that i get to drop rehoboam or whatever into my day to day conversation. i think the winner for the evening was the duo; it was pretty weird, but everyone seemed to like it. oh, also today i realized that our bookshelves are excellent examples of both conspicuous consuption & conspicuous leisure. great!
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