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jack of fables: the (nearly) great escape by bill willingham, matthew sturges, tony akins, & andrew pepoy.

i did always feel that jack got a bit of short shrift in fables, what with turning from the sort of generic hero of fables into feckless comedy relief, so i'm inherently on board a little in giving him his own series, & making him the feckless fool who succeeds? is just the right way to go, i think. i had read a few of these issues here & there as they came out, but this was the first time i saw them pull together as one story, & i think it worked; it is more "fun" than fables, with less riding on it, but that gives willingham more room to goof off, which i think lends a necessary break to the story. plus, the art is pretty fun; what is up with pinafores, huh? i mean, i don't think that alice is being drawn provocatively (unlike the senior librarians, va-va-va-voom) but i think she's really appealing, despite her completely minor appearance. also, sambo?! bill, you've got a pair of brass balls.
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