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i am getting much more comfortable doing these, which makes me think i'm getting better, which in enheartening. even if that isn't a proper word. it is kind of annoying how i'm shackled with a primate's autonomic system, getting all flustered & nervous when a camera is present. not to an embarrassing degree or anything, just the usual stage syndrome, which is what makes the whole thing fun, but still. where is my flat affect! i need it always. like a blanky. this guest is one of the jason's, from friday the 13th: part 2. at first i wasn't on his team, but he transformed under the gaze of the camera, & i like the ooze of charisma when it works like that. this was probably the most fun shoot, & then afterwords simon, monica, ashley & myself retired for a slew of korean dumplings.
Tags: monsterfest, video

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