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what drugs will not cure, the knife will.

what has been going on this week? theoretically it should have been slower than last week, & that is kind of true insofar as i havn't been working as much, but i don't think there has been any free time? i guess one time fordmadoxfraud & ranai came over to drink too much & hoot & holler at television? just rewatching the star-crossed romance of nate & jenny lee, punctuated with the pick-up artist which everyone is enjoying more than me. then, right, drag self into work, or selves, since jenny is still interning here. then i guess wednesday we filmed another monsterfestblog, which should be available today. i'll try to say something more than "it happened" at that time. shit, last night was again with the up-all-night drinking; fmf again, this time with maggie & dante, & us all "baz luhrman's romeo & juliet is the greatest movie ever oh em gee, &c." i guess my disconnect comes with the fucking-up of my schedule; i've been tricked into coming in later, which means that, well, my entire evening is wasted.

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