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faces of evil: the fiends by colin mccomb

couldn't sleep last night, so i read through the book martak lent me pretty quickly. it probably isn't a surprise to anyone that planescape stuff is good. not just for the pictures, which. i really like the artistic sensability of planescape (thanks tony diterlizzi!). you can't beat it, really. it is funny to see the sanitization of the words devil & demon; at the same time, i like third editions artifact terminology of baatezu & tanar'ri in the form of subtypes. in fact, my fix to the interesting-but-lost yugoloths? is to make them a subtype of both devil & demon, with an internal loyalty. anyhow, i like this book's successors, the fiendish codices, & i liked it, though i have to say i think i like the newer ones better. the grab bag book gives you a range of things to find useful, right? oh, & did i mention my other firmly held revision to lower planers is to give pit fiends pitchforks to match with the balor's flaming sword & whip?
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