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treading water.

hey, did i mention that jenny is working with me this rush? i mean, we're being totally slammed with work (fourteen hours a day it turns out) here, as per the expectations of the start of the semester. so that is kind of like, my whole reason for working here, theoretically. i mean, basically i'm just a manager, but my titles does have textbook in it. so here we are, in the mud, the blood, & the beer. equal parts all three! but this particular occasion, in this particular configuration of the universe-wave? jenny is here! she needed an internship for his masters in library science (mistress in library science?) & so i neopotised a job here at the store, not that the perks are all that great. besides getting your big strong handsome boyfriend to come pick you up & kiss you! if you don't know what that is all about, let me explain: i am super great! jenny says her favorite thing in the world (& it is) is when she knows i'm in the same building as her, but not in the same room. so she's in cute girl heaven! my favorite things is the lamentation of my enemies women!

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