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do not open by john farndon.

i read a sampler of this over a couple of train rides, & i found it cute enough. what we've got here is a bunch of cute fisher-price cartoons of the weird & fortean; bermuda triangle (debunking), cryptids (& the confirmed ones), vampires versus werewolves, how magic tricks work, famous hoaxes, the illuminati: everything you would want your kids to know. & like, hey: i didn't know that the trap doors in theater floors were called "vampires," did you? i'm definately ordering a couple for the store-- heck, david just glanced at it & said "oh, cool," so there you have it. sampler successful! anyhow, i don't have any time to get indepth, as it is buzz buzz here at the hive, but i had a moment & thought i'd pop in a quick review.
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