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when they said they were refurbishing the weight machine room at my gym, they were not fucking kidding about it even a little. i expected that maybe some of the machines would be updated, or new floors, or who knows what i exactly thought would happen, but they went ahead & replaced pretty much every one of the machines except for the obliques & abs machine. i think one of the glut machines might be the same, but i rarely used it (don't let that fool you; i have a fine behind). so now there are all these t-1000 machines replacing the familiar arnie models, which has its ups & it's downs. the downs are pretty clear: i had a routine man! i knew what settings to put the seats at, what weight i was going for, how to sit in the dunking-chair apparatuses, all that rigmarole. the upsides, besides a theoretical update in weight-lifting technology (maybe these machines are better somehow?) is that now there is a blank slate to start with. devices that weren't part of my old routine can start to work their way in: since everything is new, there is no sense being intimidated by a new machine, right? anyhow, with that out of the way, for the rest of this saturn's day (saturday) is to help james move, walk david's dog, & do a ton (a lot) of laundry.
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