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fullmetal alchemist volumes 9 & 10 by hiromu arakawa.

mostly relaxing today, though of course waking up at eight in the morning (8:00 am) doesn't lend a lot of credence to that statement. these two volumes worked mostly on advancing the plot, & to that end they were pretty good, but less startlingly great than earlier ones; of course, i've been reading in big blocks, so the good stuff rises to the top of the cup. i thought there was a little too much attention paid to one of the "reveals" (come on, what are we idiots that we can't see where you are going with that?) but hiromu arakawa continues to have no problems with shaking up the status quo. are there only thirteen (13) volumes total in this series? i'm interested in the race to the endgame. i think jenny might bring them home from the library today.
Tags: books, comics, fullmetal alchemist

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