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you know what i hate in the post-tolkien fantasy legendarium? i hate gods of magic. i don't really care what the details about them are, frankly. i hate boccob, i hate the moon-gods of krynn, i fucking loathe mystra, i hate all their ilk. i don't hate gods like weejas or ksárul though, in fact i kind of like them & the difference is clear: "god of magic" implies that the god is above magic, right? which is clearly the case with solanari, lunatari, nuatari, & mystra, at least. & how gross is that? i don't even know how to articulate how bizarre & stomach turning that is; i mean, magic is supposed to be magical, right? now, the guys who really have their shit together are the guys who follow the odin model. being a god & a wizard. that is the real deal. so when weejas is the patron of necromancers because she is a necromancer & a goddess to boot, that i find charming. & yes, i know that is supposed to be the way boccob works, but i don't know. maybe it is that boccob is totally bland, absolutely generic besides being "the god of magic." yawnsville.
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