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fullmetal alchemist volumes 5-8 by hiromu arakawa.

last time i reviewed these i upgraded them from a "pretty okay" to a "pretty good" i think? well, i'm left with no choice but to upgrade them again, to "pretty awesome" this time. seriously, these things are better than bubble gum; they're even better than blow-pops with how many layers they've got. & i think that is really the strength-= arakawa works on tons of levels, across the facets available to her given the medium. she's got tiny little jokes buried in the background of panels, she's got giant two page spreads, she has words in speech bubbles, out of speech bubbles, she's got the cheap lingo available to manga (the same way that american comics have "squiggles" for motion, only, you know, more evolved. you've seen what i'm taking about). & she has the sense of timing to use it; she'll put a joke in the fight scene, without bursting the bubble of suspension, or she'll toss you a curve ball when you don't suspect it. she also won't hesitate to kill off a character; she'll do the opposite of hesitate: she'll taunt you with it. & the gore! oh man is this fucking thing bloody, & not off-handedly. she has stated that she wants people to feel compelled to oppose violence. to use an anecdote to make things clear, let me give a squished synopsis. one of the alchhemist brothers of the title, alphonse, had his body taken in a terrible accident, & now exists only as a soul anchored to a suit of medieval armor. okay? well, someone gets killed INSIDE him. how fucking great is that? by the president fuhrer, who by the way is fucking stone cold.
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