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fullmetal alchemist volumes 2-4 by hiromu arakawa.

i'm actually going to have to upgrade these from "pretty okay" to "pretty great, actually." i've been really enjoying them on a variety of levels, running the gamut from visual to comedy to actual what-the-fuck. "what kind of crazy alchemy is this!?" is supposed to be the question begged, & it sure is. the story at the beginning of volume two (2) is just creepy as hell, & telegraphed with just the right pitch; you can easily see it coming but are unwilling to think that it is coming. & there is plenty of comedy, from slapstick to wry; heck, the zangief gag is the predominant running gag? & each volume is dedicated in memoriam of one (or more) of the characters killed inside of it? yeah, like i said, i'm enjoying these plenty.
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