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i made coffee ice cubes to put in my iced coffee, & today is the day i am trying them out. they are...just fine. frankly, i'm not much of a connoisseur of anything that goes into my body. i'm consuming coffee for the stimulants, because wolvus had a prophetic dream that i should start drinking it. as long as the taste isn't repellent, it is sort of six of one, half dozen of the other. i might fake having discretion, using knowledge i've picked up along the way, but i'd only really be doing it to cast myself into a certain kind of light. anyone who has seen the cocktails i'll invent when left to my own devices knows that this holds true for pretty much everything. onatopofthings will testify to that, though he will be forced to admit that if you try to make the kool-aide for your gin & juice with brown sugar instead of regular granulated sugar, i won't drink it. or, well. won't drink much of it.

this morning nemoren pointed out this house, presumably on account of my green roof thing & our shared thing for tiny houses. this little welsh baggins hole is pretty adorable. it goes a little overboard on some of its "green" features (straw bale insulation? using left-over wood to build with? lumber is renewable if not over used, guys), & some of the features i find kind of questionable (is using wood burning as your primary heat source environmentally friendly?), but visually i like it enough to lay off those concerns. though i do wish it used a zeer for cooling, which i am a big fan of lately (in other words, look for it to show up in my next dnd game). still, i always had the notion of a hand-built dwelling looming large when i was a scout, & i continue to see the appeal. of course, the song of the city, o babylon, is even louder. o magog! o ife!


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