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dragon #359.

i thought about writing a "farewell" review of dragon #359 but what to say? i was an infrequent reader at best; a few here & there through the eighties (80s) & nineties (90s), & when i had my subscription in the oughts (00s), i didn't renew it when they changed the format, until kromelizard bought me a new one for christmas. that last one really stuck, though. i liked getting a weekly periodical that reflected my interests, & since "explosions magazine" hasn't come out yet, there was dragon. the last issue has a fitting end-of-an-era feel to it. raistlin versus elminster, though the "they both win!" was expected (& for the record? elminster is a goddess's errand boy. raistlin is a goddess slayer. do the math). ecology of the tarrasque (though i wish it had crushed tokyo). a bundle of "secrets" from game designers (the secret: dungeon masters are winging it. don't let them know that!). lists of all-time villains (lolth really should have been number one). bittersweet comics (with a fair use joke, no less) & even with all that, still had room for actual content (demonomicon, i will miss you most). so there we have it. & i can only assume that paizo had a "no compete" clause, because pathfinder isn't going to give me the same fix at all. now there will be...gleemax? wait, what the fuck is gleemax?
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