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fullmetal alchemist volume 1 by hiromu arakawa.

i had been waiting for general_jinjur's go-ahead to read this, since she boldly went in first, & she gave the wave, so here we are. i'm a little embarrassingly overdue to read some manga, any manga, as i tend to like to dip my toes in the water when it comes to most things. as far as this goes, well. alchemy! you know imma swoon for alchemy, even if there isn't so much, you know, actual alchemy involved. really though, i enjoyed this, & i'm looking forward to reading the rest. alphonse is a giant suit of armor with a soul trapped in in, elric is a cyborg, & together they kick the crap out of all comers. what more do you want? i was telling jenny that what i imagine i might like about manga is that unlike in american fiction, where protagonists are all struggling with inner-demons & angsty &c, the characters here are pretty forward, & not crippled constantly by self-doubt. apart from that, they are either private, or wear their agenda on their sleeves. okay by me. i should here at the end admit that i wasn't entirely sure if the panels were read right to left at first, or if the art had been mirrored. like i said, i'm late to the party, but i hope fashionably so.
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