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"those arn't ordinary robot dogs!"

the metal men archives, volume one by robert kanigher, mike esposito, & ross andru.

as i mentioned before, the metal men are one of the few things in comics i am actually nostalgic for, along with a few mystery titles, like man-thing. the only one of these i'd actually read, though, was "rain of the missile men!," (metal men #1) which, as you can probably tell, is a story about a criminal space robot who is lonely on his barren prison world & attempts to make a female of himself to love. unfortunately, he can only make copies, which he figures out after, oh, about the millionth (1,000,000th) attempt. so he, you know, builds a space telescope, falls in love with platinum, & then flies through space with his army of living missile robots to make her love him. with missiles. who are robots. other villians include chemo (he was invented here), a giant robot amazonian falconer, & a giant flying radioactive radioactive manta ray that shoots either heat or freeze rays. the metal men are totally sweet, & oh? the big theme? is death & sacrafice. most of the metal men die in most of the issues. not like, "uh, i've been hit" die. they get pretty horrifically melted into slag, or drawn & quartered, or...well, it isn't pretty.

platinum - platina - tina: the metal woman

gender in comics, eh? that old dice game. it smacks you in the face if you read old comics, the same way race is kind of unavoidable. & here, well, you've got platinum. constantly berated for acting like a woman, &...well, acting like a sobby stereotype. who doc magnus constantly threatens to abandon or destroy. but! wait, & here is the thing: it begs the question. over & again, it begs the question by comparing her behaviour as a team mate, as a hero, as a woman. which i find interesting. platinum's performance is easily the equal of any other metal man, & she has the most well established personality, followed by tin. now, colour me crazy, but i'm going to go out on a limb & say that comics have literary subtext. i'm a lunatic! & that often that subtext deals with outsider issues, right? well, if the "are you a robot or a woman" issue isn't at least a dialogue on gender, i'll be a monkey's uncle. couple that with the gender-flip of the giant robots on the rogue planetoid, where amazonian robots (no relation to wonder woman) keep the "men" as dogs on leashes. i don't know if it is even aware of this conversation going on within its pages, but there is is. it might make you grit your teeth (she is pretty desperate) but there it is.
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