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one of my pet obsessions for the past couple of weeks has been green roofs. rooves. green rooves. green roofs. cover your roof with a field, being the idea. now, a lot of "green" solutions are just passing the buck, or are actually higher entropy than otherwise, & i tend to find that a little annoying. you know, people with electric cars who think that, i don't know, electricity comes from a special type of fruit. "oh, but if we were using wind power or solar, this would be virtually free of emissions!" well, you are living in a nice little fantasy world, but at the end of the day, you are still "the problem." ride a subway, fucker! really actually environmental solutions though, those are neat, & the green roof is one of 'em. i want to go up onto my roof & see a canyon'ed prairie stretching off across brooklyn! & you know, transit flooding like last week? without roof run off, it would have been a bunch more manageable. there are a slew of chemical benefits; filtration, respiration, whatever. you get to replace front lawns, in the mix! the projected costs of such things seem pretty fucking small, & i don't know, it would seem easier to rent a green roofed building, & the heating & cooling benefits don't seem insignificant to me. anyhow, it kind of bugs me that i can't do anything about it at present, but it is something i'll keep in mind for the future.
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